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"With Mitch and Hendre at your side - given their incredible experience and expertise in both selling solutions and coaching behavior change - you have in Shiftability the personal guide necessary to make truly transformational change in both mindset and skill set" - Brent Adamson, Author of The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer


Mitch Little has led global marketing and sales teams in the electronics industry for more than four decades. He is currently the vice president of worldwide sales and applications for Microchip Technology Inc. For the past three years, Selling Power Magazine has named Microchip Technology one of the top fifty companies to sell for. The magazine awarded Mitch the Worldwide VP of the Year Sales Award in 2006.

Mitch serves on the CEB Sales "Guru" Group and the executive advisory board for Model N.

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Hendre Coetzee is a transformational specialist in neuroscience-based immersive coaching. He founded the Center for Advanced Coaching and cofounded Virtu Partners. His corporate clients include Microchip Technology, Disney, ESPN, Estee Lauder, and FedEx.

Hendre was named one of the top twenty-five business and executive coaches to speak at the World Business and Executive Coach Summit from 2013 to 2016.

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