Will B2B sales professionals have jobs in ten or fifteen years?

Business leaders Mitch Little and Hendre Coetzee say yes - but only if sales professionals adapt to the changing ways of doing business and reaching customers.

In Shiftability, Mitch and Hendre identify six core shifts in mindset that sales professionals should adopt to achieve success. For example, use complexity as a way to develop opportunity and view tension in business as a tool to make needed changes. It's a fresh approach that will result in better relationships with customers and increase sales.


Any effective and lasting change in skill set must first begin with an equally fundamental shift in mindset. And in Shiftability, Mitch Little and Hendre Coetzee offer sales professionals a practical, step-by-step guide for first acknowledging and then achieving that shift.
— From the foreword by Brent Adamson, author of The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer.


The mindset of shiftability acknowledges the need for change and transformation and embraces it, keeping an open mind about new ideas while wisely retaining things that still apply, always learning, always building, always growing.

The skillset of shiftability will vary depending on your context. The shiftability skillset for sales professionals includes:

  • mastering situational client engagement,
  • embracing conflict,
  • creating and delivering personalized insight,
  • managing and leveraging tension,
  • asking for the business and sustaining client engagement,
  • and not being afraid of NO.