1. Your biggest limitation is mindset, not skillset. 

Without careful, frank exploration of one's "limiting beliefs" sales professionals are likely to struggle to effectively appreciate or adopt important, new sales behaviors.

2. Selling is fundamentally a human interaction.

While new skills matter - and matter a lot - they're only effective when applied through the oldest and most important attributes of effective human interaction: empathy, connection, and listening.

3. Effective customer insight isn't "presented", it's co-created.

While providing customers with insight about their business as the heart and should of effective selling in the new world, that insight is far more powerful when created collaboratively with customers rather than simply delivered to them.

4. Complexity is an opportunity.

Far from something to be avoided or mitigated, complexity proves to be a powerful tool, wielded skillfully by the best sales reps, to position both themselves and their customers for far greater success than otherwise possible by avoiding it all together.

5. Tension is a tool.

An important tool in fact. Like complexity, creating a certain amount of "constructive tension" as part of a complex sale is crucial for driving the kind of change necessary to overcome the inertia of customers' current status quo.