Book Launch!

A couple of years ago we set out to write a book together. We had been working together training sales professionals how to be successful in the challenging world of selling today. Working in the trenches of B2B complex sales, we had firsthand experience with trying out the latest thinking and ideas, discovering what really works (and what doesn’t) and figuring out some of the missing pieces.

Along the way we gained some important insights about the nature of selling and what will be required for continued success for sales professionals and ultimately the companies they represent – and we wanted to share it with everyone. So, we decided to write a book.

Today, we are so pleased to announce the release of Shiftability: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Selling.

Through our work guiding and coaching sales organizations we have been applying the leading research in selling and teaching some important new methods. But we have learned that before we can equip sales teams with new methods and train them to do things like Teach, Tailor and Take Control from The Challenger Sale, we first need to help them develop a different mindset and address the question of personal transformation.

To maximize sales effectiveness today and truly impact your client you must have a difference-making methodology and a transformation in mindset and beliefs. It is the aggregate combination of both that will supercharge your outcomes. The right shift in mindset makes it possible to truly understand, internalize and act upon groundbreaking methodologies.

Through our book, we invite you to start a journey of personal transformation that will equip you with this mindset that you need to thrive in the current shifting context and survive whatever future changes lie ahead.

The even bigger challenge before us is not just adapting and responding to the present changes, but figuring out how to continuously adapt to constant change and flux. Rapid change is now the constant we can depend on. Just when we figure out the “next new thing” it’s already a thing of the past. This is true for everyone, but the age of change and disintermediation seems to be particularly harsh for the sales professional.

We believe that future success in selling depends on personal change and transformation, not just adopting a new sales technique. And we believe that the shiftability mindset and skillset we have described in Shiftability are central to successful transformation.

We invite you to get a copy today and into the conversation. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to

Many thanks to the colleagues, friends and family who encouraged and supported us along the way – we could not have done it with you. And special thanks to our first readers who gave us valuable feedback – your insights made this better.


Mitch & Hendre